The ZfU's continuing education programme is not only open to the public, but can also be booked directly for your company on a 1 on 1 basis or as a customised offer. Bring the best speakers and most practicable concepts directly to your company. Inspire your teams - it's people that create the competitive edge!

Each in-house training is as individual as your company: We offer professional advice, quickly and efficiently, on the content of in-house training and find the best speakers, trainers and coaches for you, who perfectly match your company culture and targets. A large portion of the topics can be presented not only in German, but also in English.

The seminars can be conducted in presence or on-line. With the hybrid solution, you also have the option of adding speakers from all over the world to the seminars. Lectures are also possible in both languages.

We also have an exciting flat rate program for companies. You can combine public seminars and in-house seminars. Request your tailor-made offer today.

What are the advantages of holding seminars in-house?

  • You can connect teams in joint seminars.
  • All participants have the same level of knowledge at the end, so you create identical conditions for everyone. 
  • You lay the foundation for your company culture.
  • You can determine the topics according to your needs: Precisely tailored and individual
  • The previous level of training and knowledge is taken into consideration
  • You can determine the pace of the seminar.
  • You can select the seminars from the programme or have them individually designed for your company
  • You decide whether digital or on-site, or whether a mixed format is desired.
  • You decide on the timing.
  • In-house seminars are flexible and economical.
  • Best practice and business cases from your company can be integrated.
  • The speakers familiarise themselves with your company before the training so that they can respond individually to the challenges and conditions in your company.

What are the advantages of in-house training with ZfU?

  • We guarantee that the training will be of the highest standard: For each seminar you get top speakers who are not only experts in their field, but also combine hands-on experience with specialist knowledge.
  • The content is highly topical, modern and directly applicable.
  • As much theory as necessary, as little as possible: Great importance is attached to the practical element, real-life examples, discussions and the exchange of experiences.
  • With us you don't buy a pig in a poke: We know our speakers. They actively work for us, the seminar contents and procedures have been tried and tested and the feedback from the participants is excellent.
  • We only place speakers we trust 100 %.
  • In each seminar, the speakers respond to your needs. This is possible because the seminars take place in small groups and the speakers are experienced in conducting seminars.

We are more than happy to advise you on the planning, development and implementation of in-house training, setting up learning academies and creating training programmes and concepts.

We guarantee you maximum impact in practice through the perfect integration of exclusive experts and sustainable knowledge transfer.

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